Hype Bowl 2013: The Whackest Of The Whack Ads! (Video)

Super Bowl ads cost a lot of money.  That is part of the reason why everyone makes such a big deal about them.  Its no secret that it cost millions of dollars for each 30 seconds of commercial air time.  Not to mention the cost of actually producing the commercial in the first place.  Yet, despite all the planning and all the money spent, some brands still find ways to blow it big time!  Here are the three worse car commercials of this year’s Hype Bowl.

Bad: “Phoenix” By Lincoln (47,491 YouTube views)

As of late, Lincoln has been working really hard to change their image.  They have been trying really hard to shake the “grandpa car” stigma that has followed them like the odor of dime store ointment for the last few years.  When it comes to their products they are actually succeeding in that respect.  Their new cars are much sportier and look cooler than models of years past.  However when it comes to their brand message and execution, they are still having some trouble.  In their “Phoenix” Super Bowl spot they were trying to be cool and mysterious but just ended up with something that was weird and boring.  Kind of like a bad episode of Twin Peaks.  The fact that this ad has less than 50,000 views on YouTube despite being released before the Super Bowl confirms that most of you out there not only agree with me but did not even think ad was worth a second online view after seeing it on TV.

Worse: “Wolf” by Cars.com (63,259 YouTube views)

Have you ever had a really drunk person try to tell you a joke but they tell it all wrong?  Ok, well imagine that but with a joke that wouldn’t be funny even if it was told the right away and you pretty much have what happened here with Cars.com  They were trying to go for a laugh but the humor was a little too deliberate and they just didn’t stick the landing either.  I would give them an A for effort but, well what difference would it make?  I would throw in Football pun about losing here but like this ad, I am just too lazy to do it the right way.

Dear God Why?!: “Perfect Match” AKA “#TheKiss” by GoDaddy.com (24,943 YouTube views)

Ok if you did not see this yesterday you need to watch it now!  That is how bad this is!  It is so bad that I actually need you to watch it to truly know its failure!  The only word I can really think to describe this is “Awkwaaaaaaaard!”

There you have it.  Three whack commercials.  For you college kids out there, if you are an advertising or marketing major please look at these ads and take notes!  This is what NOT to do!  You’re welcome kids! Remember: “Knowing is half the battle!”

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