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Gaming Hype: Drive Club Will Be The First Racing Game On New Sony PS4 (Video)

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 48 hours then you probably heard, read, or witnessed in some fashion that Sony has officially announced that a Playstation 4 is on its way (holiday 2013).  During the two hour long event many launch games were shown off which highlights the magnificent processing power of the coming console that is said to be exponentially better than the PS3.  All those games looked great but I was waiting with bitten lip to see if we would see a glimpse at any racing games, namely Gran Turismo 6. 

Sadly no GT6 nuggets were uncovered.  However, the world audience was treated to a look at “Drive Club” which appears to officially be the first racing game for the PS4.  Now, at first you might feel some disappointment but let me assure you that the team behind Drive Club, Evolution Studios are seasoned gear heads and have actually been working on this concept for 10 years!

What Drive Club is, is an exercise in what it would truly be to have a team of drivers with access to the best exotic cars putting their skills against other teams around the world.  Think of “Rivals” mode in the Forza series but deeper.  If you want to know what Drive Club will be all about straight from the the developer’s mouth, scroll down below for the official presentation.

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