Hype Interview: Joey Redmond Of Fuel Culture/Wrecked Magazine

I have been in this “industry” for a while and one thing that I can tell you from my experience is that things change.  Most of the time things change slowly but every now and then someone comes a long with an idea that can potentially revolutionize the way enthusiasts do things.  Joey Redmond is one of those individuals.  If the name sounds familiar to you that is probably because Joey is the creative force behind Wrecked Magazine, the premiere online outlet for worldwide breaking drifting news.  When I say “breaking” I really, really mean it.  Seriously, TMZ has nothing on Wrecked Magazine.  They have ninja drift spies all over the world!

Anyhow, now that Joey has taken over the world of drifiting he is looking to take on a new challenge: changing the way enthusiasts find and buy the parts they want for their projects.  Normally if we want something for a good price we have to spend a significant amount of time combing Google or Ebay; then we have to cross our fingers and hope that we did not just drop our hard earned cash on a knock-off low quality part.  It can get pretty racking at times.  Joey has come up with a way to make the whole process safer, faster, and more cost efficient with a website called FuelCulture.com.

Recently I caught up with Joey to find out what Fuel Culture is all about and how it can possibly change the way we buy our parts from now on.

MotorworldHype: Where did the inspiration for Fuel Culture come from?

Joey Redmond: The aftermarket automotive industry is the best hobby any one person can have in this life and I have been a diehard fan of the industry for more than 10 years now.  I have worked as a counter salesman in two performance shops, photographer/journalist for several industry magazines and websites, and most importantly have been a car builder through it all.

The biggest problem in this industry is you have to spend way too much time researching what parts to buy and then even longer to track down a competitive price. This is where the inspiration for Fuelculture was born.

MWH: What is Fuel Culture?  How does it work?

JR: www.fuelculture.com is an aftermarket automotive purchasing solution that is free to consumers. We send our system all over the Internet to find pricing for automotive products, saving the consumer hours of searching. The site also is bringing in rich media, installation manuals, reviews, and features from industry experts on product pages like the one seen above.

The website is simple once you arrive at the homepage. Just search for a product you want to purchase and use our filters to narrow down the product you want and whom you want to buy it from. You can filter in our search system by retailer, manufacturer, and budget.

MWH: How did you come up with the name “Fuel Culture”?

JR: I just wanted to create a name that displayed our enthusiasm and love for the industry while explaining what our car culture is built around. The only other requirement we had was that it was an available domain name and after a few weeks of brainstorming and audience testing we landed on www.fuelculture.com.

MWH: Are there any similarities between Fuel Culture and Wrecked Magazine?

JR: The biggest similarity is that www.fuelculture.com is backed by the same passionate team who has been running Wrecked Magazine for the last five years. Wrecked Magazine has been an exciting enterprise for the last half decade and we still plan to bring drift news to the world for decades to come. Fuelculture is just the evolution of the company, the automotive industry, and us.

MWH: How long did it take you to build the concept for Fuel Culture?

JR: The website was thought up in late 2009 and has now been years in the making. Since then we have been compiling data, working with manufactures for product information, and building a comprehensive search engine to make the whole website work.

MWH: Are there “social network” aspects of Fuel Culture or is it strictly a consumer site?

JR: The main goal of the website is to serve as a consumer purchasing solution, but some features that we have setup to help people buy parts have some social aspects to them. We welcome all our customers and anyone who wants to share an experience with a car part to write a review on it. User reviews are linked with garages that highlight all the information about your car you have uploaded (images, video, parts installed, and reviews), which can allow people to find information and inspiration on their own personal car builds.   

MWH: Can you talk about how the “Garages” work on the site?

JR: The garages are in place to collect, all in one location, the data that our system compiled from a users review and parts installed. Instead of browsing the Internet all day looking at photographs of cars and going “I wonder what suspension he is running?” you can find out from our reference guide of user built garages.

MWH: Where do you hope to see Fuel Culture go in the next five years?

JR: Our teams dream is to help save the enthusiasts of this industry millions of dollars on purchases regardless of what car you drive. At the same time we strive to be a resource that helps you save time while spending your hard earned dollars.

Sounds like Fuel Culture is here to make some serious waves in the decision making process, which I am totally cool with!  I am big on innovation and invention so I am rooting for Joey and his team.  I highly reccomend you guys try FuelCulture out the next time you are shopping for your next part.  In fact, now is a good time to announce that MotorworldHype will be a partner of Fuel Culture for the foreseeable future.  What does that mean?  Well, it means in the future some of our product posts will link directly to FuelCulture.com to help you find said part much faster and hopefully get a good deal!

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