Hype: Hamann Drops Aero Package For BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe M Package

I will be the first to tell you that while I love BMW, I am not the biggest fan of the 6 series with the exception of the Gran Coupe.  You might also know that when it comes to Hamann they are kind of hit and miss with their aero designs.  Yet, their new aero package for the new 6 series Gran Coupe seems to hit the “goldylocks” zone as it is just right.  The right 6 series with just the right mix of agression and class with the aero kit makes for a good product here.  This might be partly because Hamann’s package is designed to be added on to the factory M aero package, so Hamann kind of had a guide to make sure they did not go off the deep end.  Either way, I really like what they came up with here.  What do you guys think?


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