Movie Hype: Leaked Pic From Fast And The Furious 6 Set Shows BenSopra GT-R & Possible Plot Detail

Yesterday some Universtal Studio executive made the mistake of inviting a ninja from Super Street magazine to the set of “The Fast And The Furious 6” and thought they wouldn’t pull out their iPhone and snap a picture.  Luckily for us, that is exactly what happened.  The shot you see above was posted to Super Street’s instagram yesterday and got an explosion of “likes”.  The picture shows R’s Tuning’s BenSopra widebody Nissan GT-R in the foreground and what possibly looks like a modded Nissan 240Z in the background on the set of the upcoming action flick.

The GT-R is cool and all but what got my attention is that it looks like the cars are parked in the driveway of “Dominic Toretto’s” house from the very first movie.  Does the movie’s plot have all the characters coming full circle?  Will the famous bright orange Bomex Supra make a come back?  This is an interesting development…

[Source: Super Street Magazine Instagram feed]

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