2012 LA Auto Show: The Justice League Hard Parks Their Kia’s On The Show Floor (Video)

While you’re strolling the LA Auto Show this year, make sure you pay a visit to the Kia exhibit.  You might just come across Batman’s Korean Batmobile, or Aquaman’s hatchback.  Confused?  Allow me to elaborate.  A few months ago DC Comics and Kia reached out to car stylists and builders such as West Coast Customs, RIDES Magazine, and Jon Sibal to make a set of Justice League inspired cars for DC Comic’s “We Can Be Heroes” campaign.  The result was five Kias, each uniquely styled to a specific DC Superhero.  Cyborg has his Kia Forte 5-door, when the Flash gets tired he drives a Forte Coupe, Aquaman has a Rio hatchback, and Batman has an Optima SX Limited.  Green Lantern has a Kia Soul but it appeared it was not present at the LA Auto Show.



Each of these cars were built to bring awareness to DC Comic’s “We Can Be Heroes” campaign which is a mission to help end hunger in the horn of Africa.  DC says that 5 more cars are on the way which would bring the grand total to 10.  Will we see a Wonder Woman car? Maybe the Martian Man Hunter might pick up an Optima of his own?  I imagine that when the full set is completed they will be auctioned off with the funds going towards their campaign to fight hunger.



Always nice to see cool cars built for a great cause!  For more information on We Can Be Heros just visit WeCanBeHeroes.org.

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