2012 LA Auto Show: Kenita Hall Is Where Its At

I love the LA Auto Show because I love seeing production versions of all the new offerings from OEMs.  Although admittedly I can see how some people want to see more than just stock cars, even if they are bright shiny and new.  Luckily for those people there is Kenita Hall.  Kenita Hall, is where all the cool aftermarket stuff, and cars live at the LA Auto Show.  Everything that you might long for that isn’t in the main halls will likely be down in Kenita Hall along with other cool car audio displays, games, and interactive presentations.  It is also a great place to check out some pretty sweet show cars and a few wacky cars as well.  You would be doing yourself a serious dis-service if you went to the LA Auto Show without checking out Kenita on that same token I would be doing a great dis-service to you if I didn’t pay a visit myself and bring you a gallery!  There are a few teaser shots below but the full gallery is on the MotorworldHype Facebook page.  Go check it out!


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