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Hype Event: The 2012 LA Auto Show Starts This Friday And You Need To Go!

I know SEMA is the end all be all show but honestly the show I look forward to the most every year is the LA Auto Show.  There is just something about bright shiny new cars straight from the manufacturers that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  It is at the Auto Shows where OEM’s pull out all the stops and put their best foot forward.  It is where we find out what the near future holds, and in some cases what the distant future holds as well.  Also, unlike normal car shows or events like SEMA the cars are there for you not only to see but touch.  A Mom or Dad can take their family to the show and actually get into the car they are thinking about buying, or aspire to buy without some salesmen there to muck up the experience.  People can go see wild exotic cars that they might otherwise never see on the street.  There is a special kind of magic behind experiences like that. 

Do you remember what it was like to see a Porsche Turbo for the first time? Or sit behind the wheel of a brand new car for the first time?  Remember how amazing it was?  Now thousands of Adults and more importantly, kids will get to have that experience while the LA Auto Show is in town and I am damn excited for them! 

If you have been to the autoshow before then I am preaching to the choir but if you have never been and you live anywhere close to Los Angeles (I’m talking a 200 mile radius at least here people) then you definitely owe it to yourself to go!  If you like cars even just a little bit and you want to create new memories for your family then the trip will be well worth it! 

If you can’t make it then don’t worry because as usual I will be on the show floor tomorrow and Thursday to bring you all the latest!

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