Hype News: Toyota Tundra To Tow Space Shuttle Endeavour Over Busy 405 California Freeway (Video) | MotorworldHype

Hype News: Toyota Tundra To Tow Space Shuttle Endeavour Over Busy 405 California Freeway (Video)

Recently NASA retired the Space Shuttle Endeavour and sent it on a world famous piggy back ride to California.  The historic shuttle survived its flight, but now it still sits at Edwards Air Force Base and it some how needs to get from there to its permanent new home at the California Science Center at Exposition Park in the heart of Los Angeles.  How will they do it?  Well Toyota has offered up a full-size Tundra truck to help tow the shuttle to its destination.  On October 12th (next Friday night) the Tundra will pull the space shuttle across Manchester Bridge which crosses over the 405 freeway (one of the busiest freeways in California) as hundreds, of people look on in person and thousands will probably see on live local news.  Hopefully, Toyota finds a driver good enough to pull the precious spacecraft across the bridge without scratching it or worse, dropping it on to the freeway below!  Only kidding of course.  I am pretty sure, as strong as the Tundra is, that it wont pull the shuttle faster than 5 mph for its leg.  Either way I am going to try and make it out there to see the historic event for myself and bring some shots back to you guys, so stay tuned!  In the meantime check out some behind the scenes videos of Toyota prepping for their “Tundra Endeavour” mission.

The Tundra Endeavour Episode One:

The Tundra Endeavour Episode Two:

The Tundra Endeavour “An Astronaut’s Story”


Press Release:

Toyota Tundra to Tow Endeavour Space Shuttle Over 405 Freeway on Manchester Bridge

The Toyota Tundra will be towing the space shuttle Endeavour over the 405 Freeway instead of the previously announced route along Bill Robertson Lane in Los Angeles. The tow will assist the California Science Center Foundation in the movement of the historic icon over the Manchester Boulevard Bridge, an area that requires a different tow mechanism than other portions of the route for weight distribution purposes. In preparation to assist in any capacity needed, the Tundra was extensively tested to meet the requirements. This tow of Endeavour by the Toyota Tundra at this location will be the only one its kind taking place along the route.

WHEN: October 12, 2012, Evening
Exact time TBA

WHERE: Manchester Boulevard Bridge, nearly a quarter-mile span total over the 405 Freeway, near LAX 

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