Hype Event: Auto Concierge High End Vehicle Mangment Service Throws Grand Opening Party

In case you have not figured it out from previous posts I live in the Southern California area.  There are a few things that stand out about So Cal: it is almost always sunny, you find just about every type of food, the beaches are for hanging out and not for surfing, most families have at least two cars, and depending on what part of town you are in exotic cars are as common as Honda Civics.  Also, if you happen to live in LA, like LA you probably live in an apartment and/or condo.

Now, let’s say you are one of those folks living in a Los Angeles high rise and you also happen to own a rare/valuable/expensive car.  Your options for keeping said car in good condition are somewhat limited.  I mean who would really feel safe leaving their 250k Lamborghini Aventadaor in the parking structure of their condo community?  If you do not want to park it there what is your alternative? Parking on the curb out front? Not bloody likely!  You could always move out of the condo and find a house with a garage, but then you deal with the fact that all of your neighbors know you are loaded and have an awesome car.  That could likely draw some unwanted attention.

So then, what is a high-end car owner to do?  This is where Auto Concierge comes in.  Auto Concierge provides (for a monthly fee) “Vehicle Management” services that includes a place for exotic car owners to store their cars, private security, and a slew of other services.  Depending on the package you buy they will even detail your car twice a month and provide you with 24/7 webcam access to the facility so you can always check in on your ride.  Also, when you go to pick up your car Auto Concierge will treat you to several perks like an executive lounge, tasty horderves, and plenty of other luxuries. 

Last night I got to visit the facility for myself as they held a formal grand opening party and let me tell you, this place is freaking awesome!  Not only does it look like a spot where Tony Stark might store some of his gadgets, but ID Agency brought in a small fleet of exotic, and in some cases limited edition cars to provide ambiance for party goers.  There was even an ICON personal aircraft inside the building!  Oh, it also just happened to be flanked by a red Porsche Carrera GT and a McLaren MP4-12C too.  No big deal..  For some further entertainment a $50,000 hydraulic driving simulator powered by iRacing from Virtual GT was available for anyone to try their hand at a fast lap time in anything from a Porsche Cup car to an F1 car.  I almost had the fastest lap of the night, until a barrel rolled the car going down the corkscrew at a virtual representation of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca!  Anyhow, check out some of my shots from the party below and if you are interested in their services hit them up at AutoConcierge.co Yes, that is “.co” not “.com”!

Thanks to Auto Concierge and The ID Agency for the invite!



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