Custom Hype: Ford Mustang Customizer Coming To XBox Live Tomorrow

For most car guys, one of the best ways to waste time online is to visit a customizer tool for the car of their choice and play around with the hundreds, sometimes thousands of possibilities for a custom spec’d ride.  As of late OEMshave caught onto this and to their credit have made steps to make customizers even more entertaining to play with.  Ford has been at the forefront of this movement with their latest 2013 Mustang customizer that actually gives users points depending on how they spec out their model; essentially turning the configuration experience into a game.  Well, rumor has it that Ford is going to take yet another step in that direction by making the 2013 Mustang customizer available on Xbox Live tomorrow. 

Users will be able to spec out their model using a controller instead of a mouse and it is said that the customizer Xbox app will even come with items for your Xbox Live avatar like a Mustang racing suit, hats, and shirts.  Even though I am not the biggest Mustang fan, even I have to admit I am kind of looking forward to playing with the app.  In the meantime you can still play around with the official customizer online right now.

[Source: G4tv]

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