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Wheel Hype: Volk Racing TE37 Tokyo Time Attack “Progressive Model”

I just saw a sneak peek via Mackin Industries twitter feed at yet another new TE37 variation.  As the post title suggests it is dubbed the “Tokyo Time Attack- Progressive Model”.  It might be hard to tell in the picture but one of the first big differences with this new TE37 is that instead of the iconic sticker the Volk Racing logo is now engraved into the spoke.  Since moving/removing/changing the sticker is popular with some TE37 owners, the engraved spoke may not be great news.  For those who like the original TE37 sticker but are tired of having to replace it after it peels/fades then the engraved spoke is awesome news!  Personally, I think it looks fresh.  Click the thumbnail below for a larger pic.

Since this was just a sneak peek I have no information on pricing, weight, or release date but I imagine all of that will be public soon.  You might want to follow Mackin Industries to make sure you get the scoop ASAP.

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