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Hype News: Rhys Millen Racing And Hyundai Part Ways

In a sudden and somewhat shocking turn of events, Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) has announced that Hyundai North America will no longer be their official manufacturer for their motorsports programs.  In a statement from RMR, the reason for the split is cited by Hyundai’s desire to explore “new marketing strategies.”  While Rhys’ results in Formula Drift and Rallycross have not been spectacular as of late his organization has done a lot for Hyundai relative to other motorsport teams that Hyundai backs.  Rhys broke a pikes peak record with his Genesis and has built all of their high profile SEMA cars for the last few years. 

By just looking at the headline it appears that it isn’t really Rhys specifically that Hyundai is disillusioned with but motorsports in North America all together as according to the statement from RMR, Hyundai is ending all “North American motorsport programs”. 

I am not exactly sure what exploring “new marketing strategies” will mean for Hyundai but for Rhys and other motorsport teams who had Hyundai as a backer it means they will have to search for new rides come the 2013 season.

[Source: Rhys Millen Racing]

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