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Hype: “I Heart Car Meet Douchebags” By JDMEGO

We have all seen this happen many times.  You are hanging out at the local meet and everything is going great: plenty of cars, lots of space, people are respectful and having a good time, then it happens..  Right as the meet is starting to wind down and everyone is leaving some idiot feels the need to put on some magnificent display of douchebaggary and does a burn-out, thus attracting unwanted (police) attention and pissing off all the surrounding businesses.  The worst part is that before you can “show your appreciation” the individual has already sputtered away, and their eBay muffler is already rattling in the distance.

Thankfully JDMEGO has come up with a shirt to help us congradulate the douchebags before they break the slience with their smokey displays of impotence.  Pick up the “I heart car meet douchebags” shirt today for only 25 bucks and salute the D-Bags!

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