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Hype Video: Hover Bikes Are Real!

We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled program to inform you that hover bikes are F”ing real!  The video below (which is lacking audio for some reason) shows successful tests of a motorcycle-like hovering vehicle in which the pitch and direction of the craft is completely controlled by the pilot’s “sense of balance”.  A company called Aerofex is responsible for bringing this vehicle to life.  Well, “partially” responsible.  The story is the team from Aerofex found plans for this vehicle from the 1960s that were scrapped because the engineers back then could not figure out how to keep the hovercraft stable.  Aerofex took those plans and fixed the flaws with special knee level stabilizer “control bars”.

Hopefully within the next decade Aerofex can bring us full fledged imperial speeder bikes that we can fly through the Forrest!

[Source: Autoblog]

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