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Hype Video: 9.5 Year Old Kid From Greece Could Be Youngest Drifter In The World

If you look at champions and legends in most sports you will find that most of them began their craft at a very young age.   This is especially true when it comes to motorsports.  Many recent F1 champions like Sebastien Vettel and Lewis Hamilton started their racing careers in go karts while they were still in elementary school.  Today, there is proof that drifting is starting to go that route as well.  Below is a video of a 9 (and a half) year old boy named Stavros Grillis from the Island of Kos (near Greece) hooning a proper BMW drift car around a go kart course with a thoroughly impressed journalist riding shot gun.

What is more amazing than such a young kid displaying this kind of skill, is how confident he appears to be behind the wheel.  I have been on more than a few drift ride alongs with some of the best drivers in the world and few of them look as comfortable and as confident driving sideways as young Stavros does.  If he sticks with it, this kid is definitely going places.

I think the best part about this story is that Stavros is living proof that drifting is not a “fad” and is not going away like many think (and some hope).  The fact that a whole new generation is already setting their roots in the sport is a sign that drifting definitely has a future.  I wish Stavros all the best!

Here is an additional video I just found of Stavros taking his mom on her first ride along:

[Source: YouTube via WreckedMagazine.com]

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