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Hype Event: SpoCom Anaheim (Gallery)

Just like I suggested in my last post, I made the trip out to Anaheim to check out the 2012 SpoCom show at the Anaheim convention center.  I will be honest, I was a bit disheartened by the indoor show scene after my experience at the last Hot Import Nights so I was really hoping SpoCom would come through, and come through they did!    Sure, it was not as big as some of the other shows like Motion (which right now is the benchmark for what an indoor show should be) but there was a good car count and even though there were a few cars that probably had no business being there, there was also more than a few high quality cars that I have not previously seen at other events.  I also noticed the rise of a new trend: 24kt gold plating.  This started back at Motion Autoshow when Mike Mao debuted his 24kt gold plated Mugen MF10 wheels.  At SpoCom he followed up by gold plating some chassis stiffening parts in the engine bonnet.  There was also at least 3 other cars (including the Mercedes Benz C63 above) at the show that had some type of gold plating treatment on their wheels.

There were a few old school cars that caught my eye as well, namely a completely restored Honda City Turbo II with an authentic Honda mini bike (grandfather of the Honda Ruckus) right next to it!  All in all the show brought back some of my enthusiasm that indoor car shows can make a comeback.  After you are done with some of the teaser shots below, head to our full gallery on the MotorworldHype.com Facebook page.


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