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Formula Drift Hype: Rhys Millen Wins Round 6 “After Dark” In Las Vegas

Rhys “Mad Skillz” Millen showed that, despite being one of the oldest competitors in Formula Drift he still has what it takes to reach the top of the podium as he absolutely killed it at Las Veags Speedway over the weekend.  Not only did the Kiwi win the event, he took down Daigo “The Ninja” Saito in the process.  To put it in perspective, only two other people (Dai Yoshihara and Conrad Grunewald) have been able to beat Daigo in tandem competition this season.  Besides Millen’s win the big story is the massive points shake up that took place during this round.  Serious contender Justin “JTP” Pawlak fell in the top 32 to Tyler McQuarrie (insert poetic justice joke here), 2011 Champion Dai Yoshihara made it as far as top 16 before falling to Fredric Aasbo, and finally as I mentioned earlier Millen took down Saito.

However, there was one points contender that keep thigns together and that’s Vaughn Gittin Jr.  Gittin made it all the way to the final four but was eventually bested by Aasbo.  Although Gittin made the most of it by beating Robbie Nishida to take third place and remain at the top of the points battle.  The final came down to Millen against Aasbo but Aasbo just did not seem to have what he needed to take down Mr. Mad Skills.

All that remains now is the “Final Fight” at Irwindale in October.  Gittin is still leading the points but any of the six drivers behind him are still realistic threats for the title.  Will Gittin earn his second championship?  Will Daigo Saito be the first driver to win the title in a “rookie” season?  Will JTP finally get back to his old form?  All will be answered at the house of drift!

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