Hype Video: Watch An All Motor K-Swap’d Civic Make A 9sec 1/4 Mile Pass

Back in the day if you wanted to make a 12 second pass in a civic, a turbocharger was a must! Then, as technology changed and wrenchers got smarter E/Ts started to get lower and lower and tuners found ways to make more power. Then Chris Rado pulled a 9 second pass in his famous sliver turbocharged Integra. Now boosted cars are throwing down 6 second passes all the time and frankly, its not as impressive as it used to be. Mostly, because we know better now. Boost can do just about anything as long as the engine is stout enough to handle it.

Doing the same thing with no boost on the other hand is pretty damn noteworthy. Last year I heard about a EG Honda Civic on the east coast with a crazy built K-series swap that managed a 9 second pass but I had never seen it before, until now. Turns out there is actually a team of all-motor street class civics that are all capable of single digit 1320s. If its something you have never seen before then you definitely want to check out the video below by EAT SLEEP RACE (a sponsor of the team). Its an awesome sight!

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