Hype Video: Toyo Tires Ships MMA Fighter Anthony “Showtime” Pettis Off To Baja 500

If you follow MMA (mixed martial arts for you acronym-challenged) then you probably know that for some time now Toyo Tires has been a sponsor of the sport and of various fighters.  If you are like me you probably wondered why an automotive aftermarket company like Toyo would get involved in MMA.  What exactly does beating someone’s face in have to do with contact patches and tread wear?  Not much.  However!  Toyo is doing its part to make more of a connection between their MMA involvement and their involvement in other motorsports.  In a new series of videos Toyo will be sending off MMA fighters to different motorsport events so that the fighters can see how other Toyo athletes live and work.

In this first episode UFC lightweight fighter Anthony “Showtime” Pettis takes a trip down Mexico way to link up with short track off road racer Rodrigo Ampudia to check out the Baja 500 race.  If you like watching athletes from different sports crossover then I think you will enjoy this short flick.  I did!

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