Hype: COBB Tuning Releases Front Mount Intercooler Kit For Gen 2 Mazdaspeed3

When you have a Turbo car, whether it came that way or not one of the most important things needed to maintain performance is stable temperatures.  Especially for the “charge air” or air being forced into your intake manifold by that lovely little metal snail we call a turbocharger.  This problem is usually solved by an intercooler but, in cases such as the current gen Mazdaspeed3 the stock solution is not always the most efficient.  I was happy when Mazda finally added a hood-scoop to feed the top mounted intercooler on the ‘speed3 but the stock unit is still pretty small and so is that opening in the hood.

COBB Tuning has solved this problem by producing a Mazdaspeed3 front mount intercooler solution with a much bigger core than stock; and thanks to the trademark “smile” front bumper on the Mazdaspeed3, the entire COBB intercooler’s surface area will be bathed in cool air from the outside.  COBB also took great care to make sure that their intercooler will live in harmony with all of the car’s stock components while having good fitment.  The kit comes with all the necessary brackets to bolt right on, and no cutting to the front bumper is needed at all.  According to COBB the only surgery needed to accommodate their intercooler is some slight trimming to the under-tray.

The kit is a bit pricy at just over $1,000 but COBB always makes high quality stuff so in this case getting what you pay for is a really good thing.

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