Batman Hype: Lamborghini Is The Car Bruce Wayne Deserves But Not The One He Needs Right Now. He Needs A Chrysler?

In the first two of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films the director treated us to a few glorious seconds of billionaire playboy turned Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne enjoying a Lamborghini. In Batman Beginshe went on a short excursion with two ladies on a dinner date in a Murcielago roadster. In The Dark Knight, Nolan kicked it up a notch and gave us a glorious scene of Mr. Wayne weaving through Gotham traffic at speed in an attempt to save a life.  However, in The Dark Knight Rises, which opens midnight tonight (yes, I am going) the audience will likely be treated to no such Lamborghini-licous scenes.  For this film, Warner Bros has formed a marketing partnership with Chrysler and now billionaire Bruce Wayne’s official ride is the new Chrysler 300C which tops at around $50k fully loaded.

It might be first instinct to say that going to a 300C from a Lamborghini is a step down, but hey 300C’s are great cars.  Sure, it is probably unrealistic that a billionaire vigilante hero who uses the night to prey on his enemies would daily drive the same car as 50 cent, but it is not totally out of the realm of possibility!  A man with a dual life needs to be low key in his daily doings and a Lamborghini certainly does not fit that bill.  Also, say Batman nabs Bane or some other super thug in a totally spontaneous act of heroism?  The passenger seat of a Lambo is not exactly the best place to keep a criminal!  At least with the 300C he can toss them in the back seat, or better yet the ample trunk.

Anyhow, joking aside this was a good move on Warner Bros part.  Deals like this typically mean money for the studio producing the movie and I would venture to guess they got a lot more from Chrysler to feature the 300C than they got (if anything) from Lamborghini.  Kind of ironic that switching to a cheaper car means more money is it not?

Either way, if you plan on standing in line tonight to watch The Dark Knight Rises purely because you are expecting some Italian supercar awesomeness then you will likely be disappointed.   If it means anything, I am sure the movie will have plenty of other types of awesome.  And let us not forget the Batmobile! AKA Tumbler AKA Bad-ass Bat-tank thing!

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