Wheel Hype: Volk Racing TE37 Super Lap “Black Edition” (Preview)

The TE37 has been around for a few decades now and no matter what Rays Engineering/Volk Racing does to it, they still have not found a way to make this wheel look ugly.  It is just not possible!  Anyhow Evasive Motorsports got a preview of the newest color variation on the TE37SL or “Super Laps”.  The TE37SL “Black Edition” will feature a “pressed black” finish and two “luminous” wheel spoke decals.  Not sure if by “luminous” they mean the decals would glow in the dark, but it would be pretty damn fresh if they did!  So far there has been no MSRP or production numbers announced but Evasive says the wheels should be available sometime in October of this year.  If you want a set you should give them a call.  If they like you they might let you pre-order a set.


[Source: EvasiveMotorBlog]

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