Lego Hype: Help The Vampire GT Lego Supercar Concept Become A Reality

I got a tip from twitter about a quest to make a supercar concept into a reality.  Such a notion would obviously catch my fancy so I looked a little deeper into it.  The first surprise to the story is that the supercar in question is not “real” per-say.  It surely exists but this particular supercar is a Lego set rather than something that takes gasoline and runs on pistons.  You see, there is a whole community of Lego enthusiasts out there who build one-off creations as a pure pain of passion.  One of the greater known individuals of this community is Paul Boratko.  By day Paul is a mechanic but on his leisure time he creates Lego cars that blow minds all over the interwebs.  His latest creation is what you see pictured above (and below by clicking the thumbnails).  He calls it the “Vampire GT”. 


Paul had to use over 1,900 pieces to build the Vampire GT and each piece serves an important purpose of adding realism and detail to his creation.  The Vampire GT has a rear-mounted V10 engine and a functional five-speed transmission!  As impressive as that sounds what is more impactful is that the Vampire GT served a higher purpose.  After a humbling experience meeting a phsyically challenged fan of his work at a convention, Paul decided to auction off his one-of-a-kind Vampire GT on Ebay.  The auction ended last month raising $1,626 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Now fans of Paul’s work are trying to help the Vampire GT go from a sweet one-off to an awesome kit that anyone can buy.  How are they planning to do this?  Well Lego has a sub-site called “CUUSOO” and the way CUUSOO works is that Lego builders can submit their creations to the site for other fans to vote on or “support”.  If a particular creation gets 10,000 “supporters”, Lego will mass produce the creation as a kit for retail.  So far, the Vampire GT has 1,603 supporters, which is a long way from 10,000 but that is why you are reading about it now.  If you like Lego building and want the ability to buy a Vampire GT to call your own then go to the Vampire GT CUUSOO page and Support Paul!  Once you click that big green button, talk to your friends about doing the same!

[Source: Crowkillers]

[Tip: Mo via Twitter]

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