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Hype Video: Golf Ball Vs. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster (World Record Attempt)

Remember that episode of Top Gear USA when Tanner, Rutledge, and Adam tried to see if any one of their supercars could beat a golf ball hit by a professional down a runway?  Well, Mercedes Benz decided to try the same stunt only their goal was a bit different.  Instead of trying to beat the golf ball they wanted to see if they could catch it.  Yes, catch a freaking speeding flying golf ball.  How were they going to pull this off?  Well first thing is first they were going to need a drop top to provide a landing area for the ball, and secondly they needed a car fast enough for the task; Enter the SLS AMG Roadster!

Ok, now that they figured out what type of car to use who could they find that would be craz-stupi-err-“brave” enough to risk getting hit by a heavy object while driving a car at a very high rate of speed?  None other than former Formula 1 ace David Coultard, that’s who! Now, believe it or not, a stunt like this has already been done and it was made official by the good folks at Guinness.  The record is based on distance i.e. how far the ball goes before it is caught.  Which means to break this distance record they needed someone who could really put some sauce on the ball so Mercedes called up pro-golfer Jake Shepard to take the swing.

Did Merecedes, Coultard, and Shepard pull it off?  Did they break the record? Their world record attempt can be seen in the video below.

Now, in case you think what you just saw was hollywood trickery there is a making-of video below that shows exactly how they managed to pull this off in a 100% legit manner thanks in part to many on-car camaras with very creative mounting rigs.

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