E3 2012 Hype Video: Wacky Motors By GREE

Every year I go to the massive “Electronic Entertainment Expo” or E3 to see if I can find any tasty new racing game goodies for you to start bugging your family and friends about for the holiday season.  With more people gaming on their smart phones these days I went on the hunt to look for mobile platform racing games.  My quest took be to the GREE (mobile developer) booth where I found “Wacky Motors”.  I implore you to not be thrown off by the name.  I played Wacky Motors myself on the show floor and after only a few minutes I can tell it is going to be a winner.  Wacky Motor takes all the kart racing fun that you know from certain other games starring a plumber and his brother and brings it to your phone.  The game is pretty fun and easy to play thanks to the simple controls.  Acceleration is automatic and you simply tilt  your device to steer and use the touch screen to use special items that you pick up along the way to get past your opponents.

Speaking of opponents, Wacky Motors features multi-player racing that allows you to go up against your friends in the same room or complete strangers over the interwebs!  You can customize your kart to stand out a bit from the rest and the best feature of all is that this game will not be exclusive to hipsters and their blasted iPhones!  Android users will be able to get this game as well once its released.  Expect this game to hit iTunes and the Google Play store towards the end of the year or early next year.  In the meantime check out the trailer and a few screen shots below!  Thanks to GREE and to game director Shinichi Toda for letting me get my hands on Wacky Motors for a few minutes!


 [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgToRVysGtk’]

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