Wack Alert: Florida Dealer Attempts To Add $7,000 Mark Up To Scion FR-S

I just spent a week with Scion’s buzz-worthy new sports coupe, the FR-S and my take on the car is coming soon but first I want to share some news I caught wind of this morning.  The Scion FR-S has been a talking point among enthusiasts for the last several months and certain aspects of the car have been pretty polarizing, namely it’s price.  A Scion FR-S is supposed to set you back $24,930 for the six-speed manual and $26,030 for the sport-shift automatic.  The FR-S is also supposed to fall under Scion’s “Pure Pricing” program which is supposed to protect consumers against dealers trying to demand ridiculous mark-ups and avoid the pricing debacle that happend when the Nissan GT-R came out.  However, this is not stopping Toyota Of South Florida from trying to take advantage of early adopters of the FR-S.  Which brings us to how I learned of this story.  My friend sent me the picture you see above and told me he found it on a FT86Club.com forum thread.  That thread was authored by a user known as “Cheddar”.  You see, good ol’ Cheddar showed up to the Toyota Of South Florida dealer and was ready to plunk down his $25k for a Scion FR-S but was stopped in his tracks when he saw the window sticker.  As you can see in the picture above, in addition to the $27,605 price tag (which is already $1,575 over MSRP for an automatic) they are also slapping on a “Market Value” AKA price-gouge-a-licious mark up of $6,990!  Their mark-up brings the total price of the FR-S to over $34,000!  Really?!  Cheddar snapped the photo above and posted it in disbelief in the forum and the flaming began. 

Scion’s “Pure Price” screen capture from Scion.com

While things started off badly, there was a happy ending for Cheddar.  Just a day after he posted the picture he was contacted by the Scion manager at the dealership and was told that they would remove all the mark-ups on their FR-S inventory and that he would be able to spec out an FR-S for himself and it would be sold to him at MSRP (the real one).  The only catch is that he has to wait 60 days for his car to show up but to him it is “worth the wait” to not only get an FR-S at MSRP but also spec’d out exactly the way he wants.

Hopefully this story will be a lesson to other Scion dealers who might attempt such crazyness and also a lesson for Scion to try and get more control over their dealers.

Stay tuned this week for my official review of the Scion FR-S after spending a week with one

[Source: FT86Club.com]

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