This Memorial Day Public Service Announcement Was Brought To You By A Big Ass Tank! Hooah!

Today is Memorial Day and most of you are probably reading this post on your phone on your day off work with some BBQ in your other hand and a marathon of your favorite show on your outdoor TV while sitting on your favorite lawn chair from the 80s that your family some how managed to hang on to.  Well more power to you, but lest you not forget what today’s holiday is really about.  We are able to take this day off and stuff ourselves with grilled and/or smoked meats because there are hundreds of self-less individuals who are dedicating their lives to protecting every square inch of freedom-loving awesomeness that we call America.  Tragically, many of these individuals have given their lives for this cause.  So, before you take your next bite of that hickory smoked rib, grab a wet towel, clean off your hands, and shake the hand of a member of our Armed Forces today.  Further more if you know anyone who has a family member who is in the military shake their hand and thank them as well.  We owe the families of troops just as much as we owe the troops themselves.  In fact, if you can invite a solider and their family to your BBQ and give them the biggest freaking piece of meat on the damn grill!  They deserve it!  Then you go back to enjoying the day yourself because that is all a part of what our troops are fighting for.  Hooah!

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