Hype Collab Concept: BMW And Zagato Create One-Off Coupe For Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

You know what I hate about drop-dead gorgeous concept cars? NOTHING!  Ok, that is not totally true.  I am not a fan of their tendancy to be rare and thus virtually unobtainable to anyone except for billionaire’s club.  However that little peeve is not nearly enough to stop me from profusly drooling over concepts such as the BMW Zagato Coupe you see here.  BMW reached out to the Italian design firm to create an eye-catching one-off to turn heads at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este car show in luxurious Lake Como, Italy.  With nothing but a common BMW Z4 to start with, Zagato came back with a coupe that is easily one of the best looking concepts I have seen since the Jaguar C-X16.  Like the Jaguar concept the BMW Zagato Coupe is also fully functional and registered!  Which probably means that some rich bastard has already bought the damn thing.  Anyhow,  as mentioned the BMW Zagato coupe is not made from clay on a aluminum frame, it is a honest to god transportation device!  All of the body pannels you see are aerodynamically sound and the car has already seen high-speeds on BMW’s private test track.  Although I have no idea how fast it went or how it got there since BMW is not spilling what is under the hood.  Such mystery!  Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of Zagato’s latest creation.  That way, like me you can dream of what could have been.  Sigh..



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