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German Hype: HAMANN BMW M5 F10 Tuning Program

HAMANN has finally dropped their new tuning program for the new F10 BMW M5 and I have to say, it walks a fine line between “over the top” and “just right”.  To their credit they did tone down on the vents and wings and double wings, etc for this program.  I am guessing they are getting to know their customer a little better and they probably realize that anyone who is willing to change the looks of the already beautiful F10 M5 isn’t willing to change too much.  It is just as well then that HAMANN has gone for the “subtle aggression” vibe for their newest package.  The body is widened about 25mm in the front and 30mm in the rear thanks to some over fenders and there are a few really nice hints of carbon fiber here and there to set things off.  Although I am not sure if the HAMANN body panels themselves are made completely from carbon fiber or not so if you are interested you might want to look into that.

In addition to the aero package HAMANN will also throw in a set of 21 inch forged three piece aluminum wheels.  To lighten things up further titanium bolts are used to secure the wheel face to the barrel.  HAMANN also says that a performance package is in the works that would include an exhaust and a re-worked engine management system that together will squeeze another 160hp and 162 ft-lbs of torque out of BMW’s twin-turbo V8.  Although, for now there is no release date for the performance package.  Until then  you might be perfectly content with the mere 560hp you get out of the box.


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