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Formula Drift Hype: Tyler McQuarrie Returns To Formula Drift With Camaro

I just came back from the Formula Drift media/preview event and I was puzzled to see what looked like the Gardella Camaro but wearing a new wrap sporting GoPro and Mobil 1 as primary sponsors.  Just when I was getting ready to do some journalistic digging I saw none other than Tyler McQuarrie step out of the car and it all made sense!  A while back there were rumors that Tyler went to go see Gary Gardella over on the east coast and many thought they would be discussing a deal for Tyler to replace Ryan Tuerck as the Gardella Racing’s driver.  However, after a few minutes of speaking with Tyler I learned that what actually happend is that Tyler bought a controlling stake in Gardella’s team, effectively turning it into his own program. 


The exact details of the deal are being held close to the chest but the way Tyler explained it was that as of now he does not own the team 100% but rather it is a partnership with Gardella but Tyler is still in charge and calls the shots.  “Gardella was looking for a way out and I was trying to stay in” said McQuarrie.  Well it looks like the two were able to work out a solution which kept Tyler drifting and let Gardella take a much deserved vacation from the hectic life that is drift team ownership.  Replacing the Red Bull money that was previously on the Camaro is GoPro and Mobil 1. 

When I asked Tyler what it was like driving the Camaro versus his previous NASCAR powered 350Z.  Tyler says that the Camaro is “down on power” from the Z (his Camaro makes about 750HP while the 350Z had 800+) but he says that the decrease in power and torque actually makes the Camaro easier to drive and more forgiving than the 350Z.  His Camaro will also run on Yokohama Advan tires which “hold up really well” says Tyler.

All in all Tyler is happy to be back in Formula Drift and I know there are tons of fans that will be happy to see him back as well.  We wish you luck in the first round Tyler!

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