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Car Care Hype: Mr. Cartoon Launches “Sanctiond” Car Care Products

It seems like these days successful people never just do one thing anymore.  No one is “just an actor” or “just a singer” or “just a critically acclaimed tattoo artist and Los Angeles mainstay”.  That last bit applies mostly to the man known as “Mr. Cartoon”.  Mr. Cartoon is one of, if not the most sought after tattoo artist in the country.  Not being satisfied with just human skin, Mr. Cartoon has used cars as his artistic canvas in recent years, designing some amazing low-riders and one of the craziest ice cream trucks I have ever seen. Well, now Mr. Cartoon is adding “car care mogul” to his arsenal of talents by launching his own car care product line “Sanctiond“.  Mr. Cartoon took feedback from professional automotive painters and detailers to create a line of washes, waxes, spray detailers, conditioners and more to service people who are excessively particular about what touches their ride.

If you’re wondering how a tattoo artist from Los Angeles is going to manage a car care brand then you would probably want to know that Mr. Cartoon hired Atticus Firey as his CEO.  Who is Atticus Firey besides a guy with a really cool name?  He is the guy who grew Meguiars so much that 3M bought them.  It seems like Mr. Cartoon has all of his ducks in a row to make Sanctiond a considerable player in the car care market.  If you want to try it out for yourself Sanctiond products just hit online and retail stores this month.

Press Release:


Sanctiond™ is a Handcrafted, Premium Car Care Brand Built To Engage the Largest Generation Of Car Drivers In History

LOS ANGELES, CA – Cultural icon, legendary tattoo artist, custom car collector, and SA Studios Global (SASG) co-founder, Mister Cartoon, unveils Sanctiond™ his signature brand of premium car care products. Sanctiond™ will satisfy the unmet needs of those who share Cartoon’s lifestyle and are equally passionate about music, sports, fashion, and cars.

Mister Cartoon Sanctiond™ is a growing collection of 15 products, including car wash, waxes, polishes, spray detailers, interior cleaners and conditioners, and a trio of innovative tire shines. Developed to exceed the stringent expectations of automotive painters and collectors, each product is a work of art in its own right, merging hand drawn package design with cutting edge product formulation.

The culturally diverse population is the fastest growing segment of consumers, yet, they’re currently underserved by brands of all types. Sanctiond™ specifically appeals to this audience while also pioneering a unique emphasis on the subcultures that make up the Hispanic community. Through Mister Cartoon’s well-oiled network of filmmakers, celebrities, artists, musicians, car guys and other key activators, Sanctiond™ is quickly being defined as the authentic car care brand birthed from Los Angeles, the epicenter of car culture.

“Cars are extensions of our personalities. Our customers are committed to making their vehicles more than just their rides. Cars are part of who they are,” explains Cartoon. “I’m grateful I now have the ability to turn this passion into something everyone can experience. By combining my love of cars, culture, and lifestyle, I’ve created a product I’m proud of.”

Mister Cartoon engaged industry veteran Atticus Firey, as CEO and co-founding partner. Firey is one of the most creative brand-builders in the car care world and has experienced unmatched success in this sector. Under Firey’s leadership, Meguiar’s underwent its greatest growth period and transformed into a premium, global brand, which was subsequently acquired by 3M. Firey utilized his unparalleled understanding of the robust $265B automotive aftermarket to carefully craft the Sanctiond™ strategy.

“Sanctiond™ is the answer to retailers looking for new consumers and revived energy in this category,” Firey said. “There are millions of people being overlooked by current brands, because they’re not the typical car enthusiasts. Yet, they are fanatics about their cars. I’m inspired by Cartoon’s passion for this community and our team’s ability to reach individuals through every aspect of a shared lifestyle.”

SA Culture and The ID Agency, both part of the SA Studios Global group of companies, are leading the marketing charge for Sanctiond™. Their combined expertise in social media and experiential marketing provides unmatched accessibility and reach to the community. SASG stands at the forefront of culture-led marketing, leading dynamic collaborations and campaigns with brands including: Nike, Xbox, MetroPCS, Pirelli, Pepsi, Recaro, Formula Drift, Universal Studios, Undefeated and Brembo. Sanctiond™ products will be available nationwide in stores and online starting April 2012.

About Sanctioned Automotive Group, LLC

Sanctioned Automotive Group, LLC parent to Sanctiond™, is first to launch a lifestyle brand of car care products targeting a culturally diverse consumer whose passions for music, fashion, art, community, and sports are centered around and enabled by their cars. Conceptualized and created by the most innovative minds in automotive care and culture-first marketing, Sanctiond satisfies the unmet needs of the fastest growing segment of consumers. The brand is an extension of Sanctioned, the premier house brand of SA Studios Global. Sanctioned merges distinctive and relevant content and products with multiple touch-point marketing experiences.  For more information on Sanctioned Automotive Group, LLC go to www.sanctiond.comFor more information on SA Studios Global go to

About Mister Cartoon

Mister Cartoon was born and raised in Los Angeles. He began his career as a graffiti artist in the 1980s and quickly gained notoriety for his unique tattoos, custom low-rider car work, album cover designs, logos, exclusive advertisements, and collectable limited edition products. His richly detailed, hand-rendered designs adorn the bodies of countless celebrities such as Beyonce, Eminem, Carlos Boozer, and Christina Aguilera. His work has been featured in exhibitions around the globe, and a myriad of companies, including Xbox, Casio, Diesel, and Nike, have commissioned his talents. Mister Cartoon continues to build a diverse, devoted, and loyal global fan base.

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