Hype Video: How Turn 10 Studios Got The Mazda 787B Four Rotor Symphony Into Forza 4

If there is one thing that the guys at Turn 10 Studios strived for when making Forza Motorsport 4 was authenticity.  The team flew all over the world to visit race tracks and scan real live versions of all the cars you can play in the game.  They also do extensive sound recording for each car to make sure that the exhaust note is just right.  Generally speaking getting a car for sound recording is not very hard for them.  They can rent or borrow just about any street car they need for recording.  However they ran into a bit of a problem when they decided they wanted to put the legendary Mazda 787B 4-rotor LeMans winner in the game.  It’s engine is so rare that the only way to get a recording was to go through Mazda and get one of the original race cars.

Getting Mazda to bring out one of the original cars is a feat in and of itself.  However, that turned out to be only half the battle.  Once the team got a 787B in their possession they realized that the 4-rotor’s wail was so powerful that it exceeded the limits of what their highly specialized audio equipment could capture!  How did they manage?  Check out the video below to find out.

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