Hype Video: Borla Helps Engineer Exhaust That Extracts Drinkable Water For Thirsty Soldiers From Engine Emissions

When you are a solider stuck in the middle of a massive desert with enemies hiding in every nook and cranny the idea of walking off on your own to find a drink of water becomes a highly dangerous prospect.  Of course soldiers can bring water with them but with all the other equipment they need to carry on their person and in their vehicles there is pressure to ration water carefully and should an unexpected situation come up it could mean even more danger.

To help ease the pressure of water conservation and reduce dangerous situations for our troops Borla Exhaust teamed up with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to create something called “nano pore membranes” that when pared with a unique exhaust system designed by Borla can extract clean, drinkable water from the emissions of gasoline, diesel, and natural gas powered engines.  In some cases this system can make  up to 7 gallons of clean water per soldier depending on the type of vehicle it is installed on!  That is some serious Tony Stark stuff!  Check out the video below to see how it works.

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