Breaking Hype News: Turn10Studios Announces Return Of Porsche To Forza 4, New Forza Game (Video)

As the Geneva Auto Show gets underway the guys at Turn 10 Studios drop a bombshell of awesomeness by announcing they have reached a deal with Electronic Arts and will be bringing Porsche to Forza Motorsport 4 in a “Porsche Expansion Pack“.  The DLC pack will include 30 cars total, 7 of which will be totally new models that have not been available in any previous Forza game.  In addition to cars the pack will include 20 new events, 10 new achievements, and Porsche centric “Rivals Mode” events.  The Porsche Expansion Pack will be available May 22nd for 1600 Microsoft Points AKA 20 bucks.

If that news was not enough to blow your hair back Turn 10 also announced a new Forza game coming at the end of the year.  It will be called “Forza Horizon” and will be developed by outside studio Playground Games.  Word has it that Forza Horzion will be more of an arcade style racer rather than the full-on simulator experience you get with the current Forza games.  Others are speculating that Horizon may actually turn out to be a type of open world MMO racing game but I guess we will have to wait until this fall to find out for sure.  You can check out the official trailer for Forza Horizon below and come to your own conclusions.

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