Second Annual MotorworldHype Ad Bowl: Wack Three

OEMs spend millions of dollars every year on the Super Bowl.  These millions are not just spent on the highly valuable air-time but also on concept and production.  Yet, despite all the money and effort some companies still seem to get things massively wrong.  In this post we celebrate the three who spent millions of dollars create something magnificently wack (at least in our opinions).  Scroll below for the crap-fest.

Bad: Cadillac “Green Hell” (ATS)

Cadillac wants to make a big impact with the new ATS and they have their sights squarely aimed at BMW and Audi but honestly commercials with a car on the Nurburgring are sooo 2007!  In fact I am pretty sure GM has done before themselves with the Corvette and previous Cadillacs.  The car is cool but this spot just lacks originality.

Worse: Chevrolet “2012” (Silverado Truck)

This commercial started off interesting with a Chevy Silverado trekking through a post-apocalyptic American town but it ends with a cheesy shot at Ford that had the comedic timing of a snail after a bong hit.  Although the shot at Ford seemed to hit a nerve with the blue oval as they actually sent a letter to NBC and GM to have this commercial pulled.  While Ray Wert of Jalopnik thought that was a punk-move, I think Ford was just trying to do us all a favor and spare us from this cornball affair.

Dear God why??: Honda “Matthew’s Day Off” (CR-V)

It is one thing for a commercial to be bad but it is a whole other thing when a commercial is bad when you had really high expectations for it.  When Honda released the teaser for this commercial it had the Internet on fire with rumors of a Ferris Buller remake.  When it was revealed that it was actually a commercial for the Honda CR-V it took a bit of wind out of the sails but for the most part we were still expecting big things from this spot.  We were horribly disappointed!  Honda’s attempt to try and evoke an 80s classic suffocated on their repeated attempts to choke their damn CR-V down the throats of our nostalgia.  In one fail swoop Honda has managed to ruin the best adolescent memory of an entire generation!  According to a study that we made up for this post Honda’s CR-V commercial made babies cry and made puppies run away from home.  For that Honda earns a prize as the worst of the worst for this year’s Ad Bowl.

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