Second Annual MotorworldHype Ad Bowl: Fresh Three

This is our second year doing our annual “Ad Bowl” and instead of analyzing every single ad like some others might be doing we are just going to let you know what our top three and later on we will let you know our bottom three.  As the title of the post suggests we are starting with our “Fresh Three” first so scroll down below and lets get started! Hike!

Cool: Acura “Transactions” (Acura NSX)

It is hard for a commercial featuring two of America’s funniest people and one of the most anticipated sports cars ever to not make the top three.  First Acura stole Iron Man and the Avengers from Audi, now it seems they broke the serious hold that Porsche had on Seinfeld.  That kind of juice combined with the humor and our first hint at the new NSX’s exhaust note earns them a solid bronze from us.

Awesome: Chevrolet “Happy Grad” (2012 Camaro Convertible)

This commercial has just about everything.  It is fast, funny, and extremely memorable.  Although it is hard to officially give Chevrolet/GM the credit for this one as this ad was actually the winner of a contest held by GM in which armature filmmakers submitted their own home-made commercials in hopes that they would be picked to air during the big game.  Rumor has it that the winning selection was conceptualized, shot, edited, and submitted all in a day.  We have a feeling that the crew behind this one will have a bright future ahead of them.

FRESH!!!: “Halftime In America”

If you watched this commercial before reading this then you should now have a tear in your eye and saluting the nearest American flag like we were.  Usually we are not a fan of the “human interest” take that some car companies try to do during Super Bowl time but this commercial was so well done, so excellently timed, and so poignant, not to mention the fact that it also features Clint “Make My Day If You Feel Lucky” F**king-Eastwood means that not making this our number one would be un-American!  Congratulations Chrysler you are the clear winners this year in our eyes.

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