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2012 NAIAS Hype: The 2012 Acura NSX Concept Gives Me Mixed Feelings (With Video)

Yesterday in Detroit, the CEO of Honda Motors Co. Takanobu Ito gave us the official world debut of the Acura NSX concept and set the internet on fire.  I have been waiting for this for a long time so when it finally happend I was expecting to feel totally estatic.  Instead I had, mixed feelings.  Why?  Well my favorite thing about the previous generation NSX is that like a Porsche, its shape and design are timeless.  There is a very short list of cars made in the early 90s which are still capiable of turning heads today and the previous generation NSX is on that list.  However this new concept while beautiful does not look to me like something that will still stand out on the road 20 years from now the way its predecessor does.  Again this concept is a very good looking car but I am a bit dissapointed that it does not have the timeless wow factor that I was hoping it would have.  I think this is one of those instances where retro-styling may have been a good thing. 

Like the previous generation NSX the new concept sports a mid-mounted V6 engine which may be a dissapointment to those who were counting on the rumors that the next NSX would sport a V10.  It was also revealed that the concept is a hybrid and sports three electric engines but power figures were not given for any of the concept’s motors so we are left guessing in that respect.  Ito-san did reveal that the production version of the next NSX will come within the next three years and it will be built in…Ohio!  You read correctly.  Japan’s next supercar will be built in the good ol’ US of A!  Suck it economic downturn!

Looks aside I think that the next NSX will deliever some serious performance and a great driving experience.  If Honda knows anything it is how to make driving fun so I am expecting great things from the next NSX.  To see pictures and the official reveal for yourself scroll down and enjoy.



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