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10 Things That Should Be On Your Gift List #10: SENNA Movie Box Set

The holidays are here.  This is the time when families come together to give thanks, spend time with each other, reflect on what is really important, decorate their houses, and most importantly ask each other for really cool and often expensive stuff that they probably do not need.  That last part is where we are going to help you out this year.  Starting today we will post awesome stuff that we think should be on your non-denominational religiously inspired holiday gift giving occasion, or whatever your family may call it.  So get your pens and paper children (ha! who still uses pens and paper?!) as we kick things off!

Racing fan or not, arguably one of the best movies released in 2011 was the Ayrton Senna bio pic “SENNA”.  We were lucky enough to be invited to a private screening and ever since we have been chomping at the bit to get a copy on blu-ray for our “movies that are awesome collection.”  Although if you bought a blu-ray lately you probably know that the landscape for the format has changed a bit.  These days not only do you get a blu-ray but often times a DVD copy and digital copy will be included.  For most people that is more than enough.  However, die-hard Senna fans are a different breed.  Any type of Senna memorabilia is highly sought after, especially if it is a limited item.  So if you are a Senna superfan or have one in the family you may want to consider this SENNA movie box set.  What do you get?  Well from what it looks like, you obviously get the “triple play” SENNA movie blu-ray which includes DVD and digital copy, what appears to be a photobook from Senna’s most memorable races, and a 1/12 scale model of the famous black and gold Lotus Renault that Ayrton piloted to victory many times.  From what we hear you cannot find a model of that car anywhere else in 1/12 scale which makes included item highly collectible.  All of this sounds awesome right?  Well there is a catch, actually a few catches.

The first is that it is nearly impossible to find this box set for sale anywhere.  Most stores are out of stock waiting on new shipments or they may not even carry it at all.  Your best bet at this point would probably be Best Buy or Amazon.com.  The second and biggest catch is the price tag.  The SENNA movie box set retails for $679.99!  So, if you put this item on your list make sure you have been a VERY good boy or girl this year!


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