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SEMA 2011: Honda Booth

A lot of people will probably tell you that Honda is where it began when it comes to the sports compact movement yet surprisingly Honda tends to have a subtle presence at SEMA.  Although while small, count on Honda to bring quality builds and newsworthy announcements when they come to the mecca of all things aftermarket.  In addition to showing off the new Civic Si in both stock and race trim, also brought out a Neil Tjin Civic Si creation sporting a set of custom Rotiform wheels that immediately caught attention as their bright finish contracted against the Civic’s full “Sil-Grey” vinyl wrap nicely.  On the announcement side Honda revealed that through their Honda Performance Development (HPD) arm they will offer Civics in bare “body in white” form so that would-be race teams can buy a chassis ready for race modifications.  There will also be various race ready goodies available from HPD that will be offered along with the bodies should the customer want to get a head-start.  While this offering is meant for racers we anticipate that there will be at least a few hard-core Honda-heads that will use the new HPD Civic body-in-white as the basis for a super clean show car.




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