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SEMA 2011: Fatlace/illest/RWB “Pandora One” Porsche

We know what you are going to say.  “This Porsche is everywhere!”  Yes, it is everywhere and now it is here because it is awesome.  You have probably seen tons of pics of this car elsewhere but can someone ever really see too many pictures of something that looks this good?  This Porsche was easily one of the most anticipated builds of the show this year marking RAUH-Welt Begriff’s (RWB) official foray into the American market.  Nakai-san of RWB set up shop just across the way from the Fatlace Paddock and from that point on it was a match made in heaven!  Both Nakai-san and Mark Arcenal of Fatlace immediately got to work putting together the first RWB Porsche built on American soil and what you see here is the end result.  Nakai-san is known for naming each one of his builds, usually after a favorite brand of alcohol or borrowing from some other point of popular culture.  This build, was named “Pandora One.”  We are not sure why, but who cares!  Pandora One is beautiful, functional, and that is all that matters to us.  Expect to Pandora One at select track events in 2012.



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