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F1 Hype: Brazilian Grand Prix (Quick Results)

Just as the tryptophan coma wore off the final Formula One race of the season at circuit Interlagos in Brazil got underway.  Things started off with a history making run by Sebastien Vettel in qualifying.  The young German captured pole once again, surpassing the tie he has with Nigel Mansel for most poles in a single season.  With that bit of business out of the way it was time for all the guys on the grid to have at it one last time for 2011.  As usual Sebastien Vettel took off for an early lead but later on he had issues with his car and had to reduce his pace significantly which made way for his team mate Mark Webber to take the lead.  Sebastien managed to hold on to the second place spot while Jenson Button secured a 2nd place in the points by finishing third in the race.  Lewis Hamilton appeared to have a shot for one last win but his car suffered an uncharacteristic failure early in the race.

So there we have it folks! Sebastien Vettel is your 2011 champion while breaking a few records in the process, Red Bull Racing took the constructor’s title, and McLaren along with Ferrari are just glad its all over for the year.  Stay tuned for the 2012 silly season!

For a post-race wrap up watch the SPEED guys chat it out.

[Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images]

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