2011 LA Auto Show: Mazda Exhibit Brings The Debut Of “Skyactiv”

There are some years at the LA Auto Show in which the OEM’s do not have much to say or debut in their exhibits.  However, I think so far Mazda has had a pretty good streak going in LA over the last few years or so.  If they were not taking the sheet off a new car they were previewing the next big thing from their company.  This year Mazda hit us with a double-whammy as their Japanese CEO Takashi Yamanouchi (elected as the Motor Press Guild keynote speaker this year) announced in his address that “as long as I am involved with this company (Mazda) there will be a rotary engine in our line-up” which basically confirmed the wishes of wankel-heads around the world that Mazda will likely release another RX sports car to follow up the now deceased RX-8. 

Their second bulletpoint was the debut of their new “Skyactiv” technology which is actually a combination of technologies and engineering techniques meant to squeeze maximum efficiency from their cars.  By their math, the up-coming Skyactiv version of the Mazda3 will be able to reach 4ompg realistically without sacrificing performance.  Although the Skyactiv Mazda3 is a little while off they did debut the new 2013 Mazda CX-5 which will host the full suite of Skyactiv technologies.  The CX-5 is also the debut of their new “Kodo” design language hence the agressive yet free-flowing lines.  Hopefully, Mazda will put us behind the wheel of the new CX-5 and eventually the Skyactiv Mazda3 in the near future.  For now check out some pictures of the other slick Zoom-Zooms Mazda is currently displaying in their exhibit at the LA Auto Show.

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