2011 LA Auto Show: Kenita Hall Has Millions Of Dollars In Supercars For Your Viewing Pleasure

One of my favorite things about the LA Auto Show is that they actually make an effort to try and represent the aftermarket of the automotive industry.  Each year in Kenita Hall they invite players like Al & Ed’s Autosound, Wheel Warehouse, DUB, and more to show off what they got in something of a “mini-SEMA”.  With Lamborghini and Ferrari bowing out of the show Kenita hall is the place to go to get your supercar fix.  This year we saw not one but two Bugatti Veyron’s, a Lamborghini Aventador, and several Ferrari 458 Italia’s.  Kenita Hall is also the spot to go to if you are wheel shopping or you are interested in any number of random car goods.  We usually save Kenita Hall for last but this year we are going to give you a look at what awaits you at the LA Auto Show.  Scroll down for our flickr slideshow!

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