2011 LA Auto Show: Jaguar Exhibit Exposes C-X16 Concept To American Eyeballs

I will be honest.  Even though I love the LA Auto Show and I love seeing what all the OEM’s bring to the table, this year I was extra excited for the show because I knew Jaguar would bring their C-X16 concept.  I know I keep blabing about it on twitter but look at it! If Jaguar said they asked God himself to give design input on the C-X16 I would be inclined to believe it!  Besides the C-X16 Jaguar also showed off a new convertible version of their XK-RS for those who like to hoon with the top down.  With all of Jaguar’s production-ready weapons and the C-X16 on the horizon, Audi, BMW, and even Porsche better be paying attention!  Stay tuned for an indepth post on the XK-RS convertible and C-X16.  In the meantime scroll down for pictures from Jaguar’s modest but awesome LA Auto Show exhibit.

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