2011 LA Auto Show: BMW Exhibit Combines Alternative Energy Brut M Power

The BMW Exhibit at the LA Auto Show has a pretty big contrast.  On one side of the exhibit BMW is displaying their new “i concepts” the i3 and i8 both of which are studies in highly advanced and innovative use of hybrid and all electric technology for maximum efficiency and sustainability.  On the other side of the exhibit sits the fire-breathing rip-snorting super powerful gasoline drinking 2012 BMW M5 in all of its M Power glory.  In-between was BMW’s full line like the new 3 series, 5 series, and 7 series all of which have their own balances between efficiency and performance.  We were hoping there would be a hint or two of the M6 but considering that the M5 wont even see U.S. shores until the middle of next year I guess it was wishful thinking on our part that we would get any new information on the M6.  Stay tuned for a closer look at the new M5 but in the meantime check out the slideshow below to see BMW’s exhibit.

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