Wheel Hype: Volk AECROS “ECO Drive” Series

It has been a while since we’ve had some good wheel hype here.  Allow me to end the drought and present to you the new AECROS wheel from Volk.  The AECROS wheel is a part of Volk’s new “ECO Drive” series targeted at eco-friendly performance vehicles like the Honda CR-Z.  The AECROS is forged and weighs in at a scant 15.4lbs per wheel so you definitely wont hurt your fuel economy with a bunch of added weight.  However, the most important part about the AECROS is that it looks F’ing FRESH!  It is nice to see that despite being targeted for the tree huggers Volk did not dumb down their design for this wheel.  While they look great on a CR-Z these wheels would probably look great on just about anything!

[Source: Evasive Motorsports]

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