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Formula 1 Hype: Grand Prix Of India (Quick Result AKA Spoiler)

Formula One landed in India for the first time over the weekend for the inaugural Grand Prix of India at the freshly built Buddh International Circuit built by the Jaypee Group in New Delhi.  There were many rumors and chatter in the weeks leading up to the event that the race may not even happen but things went just as scheduled and for a first event things (mostly) went off without a hitch.  While the facilities were great, the drivers were a bit thrown off by the surprisingly technical course.  Also, since the asphalt was still fresh there was plenty of slipping and sliding.  Still the cream of the crop figured it all out when it counted; and by “cream of the crop” we mean Red Bull, McLaren, and Ferrari.  It was mostly Red Bull who really solved the equation though as Sebastien Vettel managed to pull off a “grand slam” which is race speak for leading every lap from the pole, setting fastest lap of the race, and winning the race.  Jenson Button put up a good fight with the young two-time champion but couldn’t close the gap but was still satisfied with a second place finish while Fernando Alonso managed to get around Mark Webber and bring home the third place podium finish for Ferrari.

This finishing order officially slots McLaren in second place for the constructors title and Ferrari in third.  Now, all the real awards have been decided and there are two more races (Abu Dhabi and Brazil) for the drivers to go rip-sh!t-riot and take what they can before the season’s end.  Vettel is on a quest for most poles captured in one season.  His pole over this weekend which brings him to a total of 13 ties him with legends such as Alain Prost and the great Ayrton Senna.  Sebastien only needs one more pole position to put him in a relm of his own.  With his dominance thus far, it seems like it is only a  matter of time before he gets what he wants.

We will have to wait about two weeks to see if it will happen in Abu Dhabi though, so in the meantime we will just work on our conspiracy theory that Sebastien Vettel is the illegitimate love child of Michael Schumacher.

For a full post race report check out what the SPEED trio had to say.

[Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images]

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