Hype News: Kia Will Give You $10,000 For Dancing Like A Hamster To LMFAO (With Video)

I think we all remember the Kia Soul commercials with their trademark “Hamstars” tribute to black sheep’s this or that.  Well Kia brought the furry crew back but this time they’re getting down to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem“.  While the new commercial is just as funny as the old one, I am more of a fan of the old school hip hop take.  However if you like the new commercial, LMFAO, and dancing the Kia is about to make your day.  Kia has announced a video dancing contest where entrants submit videos of themselves dancing to “Party Rock Anthem”.  The best videos will be judged by LMFAO themselves and the winner will get a cool $10,000.  Not bad for spazing out to a party song huh?  Scroll down for a video that will give you all the contest details or go to YouTube.com/KiaSoul.

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