Hype Masculinity: San Diego Chargers Nose Tacke Antonio Garay Drives A Hello Kitty Smart Car

A while back I used to see guys wearing shirts that said “real men wear pink”.  Well those “real men” look like pansies compared to Antonio Garay of the San Diego Chargers.  Antonio is so confident in all the masculinity that resides in his 6’4″ 320lb frame that he drives around in a bright red Smart Car with a large Hello Kitty decal on either side.  Why?  Who cares why!  Are you really going to question the actions of a man who could probably tackle a speeding semi-truck?!  I know I wouldn’t.  More power to you Antonio.  If he can get away with this then maybe I will get myself a green Mazda2 with Keroppi on the side.

[Source: Yahoo.com Shutdown Corner]

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